Nicholas Lee
Making Sense of Money

"Financial Life Planning is all about helping you understand where you are, and more importantly, where you want to be."

Why Work with me?
This is a question you will have to answer yourself, all I can do is mention some of the things that my clients have told me over the years.

It’s all about You
The hardest thing for any coach / adviser / mentor to do is to get out of the way. I’ve had a lot of practice over the years and I believe I’m getting pretty good at this. I have no products to sell and no interests to serve other than yours. Our conversation will be free of bias and focused entirely on your needs and aspirations. The truth is you know what you want, my job is to help you work out what that is.

I Listen
I ask a lot of questions and listen to the answers.  All of us are driven by emotion, especially when it comes to money, so the questions will help you to see that there may be another way of doing things. As a sounding board it also helps that I have thirty years experience to draw on. Many of my clients have been working with me for years, and when I asked them why they keep coming back one of them said it was because I had “…a unique and sensitive approach...”

I help you to see the Bigger Picture
It’s all too easy to focus our attention on the ‘here and now’, this month’s bills, this year’s holidays and the car that needs replacing. We rarely allow ourselves time to think about our future, even though we know we should. I will help you to establish your financial priorities in the order that’s right for you. Together we will abolish the fear and guilt that usually accompany neglect and create a structure that will build your financial future.

I help you to make a Plan
To make this work you need a plan. Imagine a plan that puts all the variables of your financial life together - income, expenditure, assets, debts, investments – and shows you an accurate picture of where you’re going. Would that be helpful? This will be the foundation that puts you in charge of your financial future.

I am a creature of habit, early to rise and early to bed. I like to work and I like to walk and spend time with my family, especially my grandchildren. Wendy and I live by the River Severn in Worcester. Wendy does the cooking and I do the washing up and we’re slowly giving away our books , as we learn to use our Kindles.

What are the next steps?

Most people want to know...
What does it cost?

To help you decide if my services would be of value to you, I offer all potential clients a no obligation call at no cost. To take advantage of this offer, please just drop your name and phone number in the boxes opposite and I will call you back to arrange a good time for a call.
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