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Making Sense of Money

Do you want to make sense of money?

Thirty years as a financial adviser has taught me a lot about what people really need help with when it comes to money. Making an investment or setting up a savings account is only part of the story.

An adviser will recommend financial products based on their understanding of your situation. The investment products usually generate an income to their company, which is disclosed as part of the recommendation.

A financial coach has no financial products or services to sell and focuses on your concerns. A good financial coach becomes the financial friend we all need to help us take back control of our finances and keep it that way.
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"I push finances to the back of my mind..."

Many of us treat our finances like the tyres on our car. We pay them no attention whatsoever until we get a puncture. Then we are forced to do something. Like our finances we rely on tyres for our safety and security. The ‘puncture’ in our finances is usually harder to fix than a quick trip to a tyre depot. So we do nothing.

We can’t get anywhere with a flat tyre, so we take action. We can limp on for years with minimum credit card payments, an interest only mortgage, a consolidating loan to put things right, no pension contributions… and so it goes on. For years sometimes. The truth is we’re flat broke and going round and round.

Clicking this button is the first step to paying attention to your safety and security. And your happiness. It is an act of selfcare.

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"I would really like to retire earlier..."

Compound interest may sound boring, but it’s also life-changing. It’s changing people’s lives as we speak. Mostly for the worse, if only they knew it.

What if I could show you how to retire at least two years earlier with the same pot of money you have now, just by making one small change?

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"How to Win at the Money Game..."

The investment industry has done a brilliant job of convincing us that investment is difficult and requires unique (and expensive) expertise. The evidence does not support this view.

In his brilliant book ‘Monkey With a Pin’ Pete Comley recounts the experiment carried out by Expressen, a Swedish newspaper, which trained Ola the Chimp to throw real darts into the newspaper. They gave him $1,250 and a set of darts and pitted him against five professional traders for a month. Needless to say, Ola won the competition with four times the gains of the best pro.

The Chicago Sun-Times employed a monkey called Mr Monk who beat the market in all but one year from 2003-2008, as well as beating the expert stock picker Jim Cramer.

In 2010 Lusha, a Russian monkey, made her portfolio grow three times in value beating 94% of Russian professional fund managers.

If monkeys can do this, surely we can too…!

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