What if, with a little consistent effort, you could:
  • Know how much you can spend each day without guilt
  • Eliminate short term debt
  • Know you are saving money for your future
  • Know you can handle a financial emergency without resorting to credit cards
  • Have money ready to pay for holidays, Christmas, birthdays, treats
  • Plan for special events and know you won’t run out of money
  • And finally have peace of mind around your finances
All of this is possible. But there are no quick fixes. It takes time and some effort, but principally time. And, in my experience, it’s very difficult to do without guidance. Someone to hold your hand, provide some know-how and accountability.
That’s what a financial coach does.
Let’s have a conversation and find out if we can work together. I’d love to help.
"When we first met Nicholas we cheerfully announced that we were ostriches when it came to money – heads firmly in the sand.  But actually there was quite a deal of pain behind this statement, along with a complete inability to move forward.
Nicholas did not just tell us what to do, he helped us explore the pain and the emotions that were wrapped up in it, along with the embarrassment that we were in this situation: we are not stupid people but in this aspect of our lives we seemed to have failed miserably.
By careful questioning and some challenging prods, we faced up to our resistance.  Nicholas understood that it was hard for us but was always positive and never critical.  With his help we have been able to clear debts, budget and organise our finances, and put a pension and ISAs in place.  But more importantly our attitude to money has changed and we no longer feel frozen with indecision.  Nicholas helped us to take action and we will be forever grateful for his expertise, kindness and good humour."
Lynne and Paul Maguire