Nicholas Lee
Making Sense of Money

6 Ways I can help you to Make sense of Money

My coaching practice places you and your needs at the centre of the engagement. By listening carefully I help you to work out what you need to do to make sense of money for yourself.

As you build your confidence and knowledge around money we design a financial life plan that is uniquely yours. You gradually create peace of mind about your finances, knowing that you are in control of your expenditure and savings and will  not run out of money.

I provide consistent support and guidance throughout the process, helping you to navigate setbacks and exploit windfalls as your needs  change over the years.

compass1. Where are you?

Together we will create an audit of your current resources highlighting strengths and weaknesses. My clients always find this exercise revealing and helpful. It helps start the process of aligning their hopes and dreams to a viable financial plan. They feel a sense of control. No longer dreaming wistfully, they begin to see the power of action.


clarity2. Offer Clarity

By addressing your concerns around budgeting, savings and retirement planning we will abolish shame and fear and move towards clarity. We create a financial life plan that is uniquely yours.


listen3. Listening

When it comes to financial matters it helps to have someone who listens with care and empathises with the situation. Part of my role is to listen to you as you work out how to move forward. And I will always counsel you to listen to your ‘better angels.’


money-and-time4. Money and Time

I help you to work out how money fits into your life as a means to create the time and space to do what is important to you and to be yourself. By helping you to stop procrastinating and being fearful, we invite you to start from where you are with optimism. We create the potential for happiness.


time5. The Long Haul

Transformation is rarely immediate. Maybe in a Tarzan movie (“…and with one leap he was free!”) but not in real life. It takes time to shift your perspective and longer to see real financial results. Progress is not linear, there will be bumps in the road as circumstances change. My role is to keep you from doing anything daft with your money and doing what you know is right.


know-how6. Know-How

There is a good deal of mystery surrounding investment and pensions. it is not half as difficult as the ‘financial industry’ make it look. With a little guidance you will be able to navigate the maze. Remember you do not need to know everything, you just need to work out what you want and make sure you’re getting it.

What are the next steps?

Most people want to know...
What does it cost?

To help you decide if my services would be of value to you, I offer all potential clients a no obligation call at no cost. To take advantage of this offer, please just drop your name and phone number in the boxes opposite and I will call you back to arrange a good time for a call.
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