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What does Financial Coaching cost?

A simple monthly fee of £120

What do you get?


Frequently asked questions

Can you help me locate my old pension?
"Yes. This will be part of the process of understanding where you are. Think of it as cleaning out the attic and putting everything tidy. If you have very little information about an old pension a good starting point is the Pension Tracing Service which is free and operated by The Pension Service UK."

Can you help me consolidate several pensions?
"Yes. It may be appropriate for you to seek independent financial advice. If it’s simply a matter of bringing everything together in one place, you can probably do this yourself with some guidance. I can explain your options so that you can make an informed decision."

Can you help me to become more motivated about my finances?
" Yes. The fact that you are reading this is a good sign that you want to make progress with this side of things. Money affects many different spheres of our lives and in my experience people who take control of their finances find they have the courage to tackle other challenges. Having a well thought through financial plan inspires a sense of purpose and optimism. "

Can you help me to reduce my portfolio charges?
" Possibly… the first step is to understand your current charges. There are usually three fees levied by the investment manager, the platform and the adviser. These can add up to around 2%pa. If this sounds like a small amount, it isn’t. Over ten years a charge of 2%pa can reduce your returns by 30%. This increases with time as compound interest works for the investment manager, not you. Over fifty years at 7%pa £10,000 turns into £300,000. A 2%pa charge reduces that to £100,000. That means that two-thirds of the return goes to the investment industry, not to you. And they didn’t take any risk. You did. "

Can you help me reduce my Tax bill?
" It depends on your circumstances. Most of us are astonished when we really understand the tax benefits of a pension scheme. Pensions Tax relief can turn £20,000 into £25,000 at the press of a button. If you pay 40% income tax there is another £5000 off your tax bill. There are lots of opportunities for saving tax if you know where to look. "

How will Coaching Help me?
"People come to financial coaching for many different reasons, but there are several common themes. Most of us worry that we don’t have a proper financial plan or feel we don’t have control over our spending. We worry about our future income and whether we can ‘afford’ to retire. Some are wary of investments because we don’t really understand them and perhaps are unsure where to seek advice and guidance. Really we just want peace of mind around our finances."
Can I afford financial coaching?
"Many of my clients have saved a lot of money directly and indirectly by committing to coaching. Peace of mind is also a factor that some clients place a lot of value on. At the end of the day you have to decide for yourself, however with no minimum term you are in control."

What's the next step?

I offer all potential new clients a one hour call at no cost to you, to help you decide if my services would be of value to you.

To take advantage of this offer, please just drop your name and phone number in the boxes opposite and I will call you back to arrange a good time for a call.
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